Hi! Nice To Meet You.

I’m Alexandros Farmakis

I’m an expert in Sales Funnels, Web Design and Marketing Automation.

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Funnels. Websites. Tech Stuff.

I can help you with many things in your digital marketing endeavors but these are my main fields of expertise.

  • Designing Sales Funnels – I’m an avid Funnel Hacker / Designer

  • Mobile First – Most of the traffic is now coming from mobile devices. Mobile design comes first.

  • Integrations – Ensure that all integrations and automation tools work flawlessly 

  • Data recovery – Automated Backups for WordPress, on demand for Clickfunnels

  • Shared Funnels– I share my funnels with the best results

  • Tracking & Analytics – Ensure Tracking & Analytics work properly so that we can optimize and scale 

 I help businesses maximize their profits by leveraging advanced digital marketing strategies and solid tactics.

My Core Values

These are my values. I don’t negotiate them.

Trusted Partners

I utilize the best tools and brands to ensure quality and deliver optimal results.