About Alexandros Farmakis

Hi, I’m Alexandros Farmakis (as you can tell)

A 43 year old Digital Marketer, born and raised in Greece and educated in the UK.

I spent almost 10 years of my life working as a business consultant.

I was creating Business and Marketing Plans, Feasibility studies etc for SME’s in Greece.

Although I didn’t hate it, I can’t say I enjoyed it much…

In 2011 I created my first website using an open source platform called Joomla. It was for a friend.

To date, I have created more than 30 websites and 100 funnels.

For some reason the online world fits better to my personality (I’m an INFJ type personality if you care)

That’s why I decided to focus on digital marketing and work on my own.

I love helping people and businesses with their digital marketing strategies.

Although there is an array of things I’m pretty good at when it comes to online marketing, people started to call me a Funnel expert, title that I don’t really mind 🙂

I’m really good in Digital Strategies, Marketing Automation, Building Systems and Identifying where the problems are and how to fix them.

I’m also experienced and talented in White Hat SEO, Video Marketing and Paid Advertising especially Facebook Ads.

I am also fascinated by neuromarketing, a field that I’ve been exploring since 2017.

I master Clickfunnels, WordPress, Active Campaign and all the relative integrations and automation, and help people with the technical challenges that inevitably arise when working with online tools.

If you’re in dealing with digital marketing, you know what I mean.

Even if you’re not, you can always contact me and discuss how I can help you.

You can add me on skype, or connect on Facebook and/or LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading this short bio, I’m on the works to turn this page into a nice story.

Until then, take care and smile 🙂


P.S. Here’s the Skype thingy in case you prefer it as a means of communication. Alternatively you can use the contact form to send me an email. I do check them daily.