alexandros farmakis

I help service-based* businesses create happy customers

Alexandros Farmakis

My Mission

is to help service-based* businesses thrive, grow and scale, while maintaining a relentless focus on customer experience, optimizing primarily for that.

My Values


I do my work with integrity. I always speak the truth. I prefer doing business with people of ‘similar nature’. Ethical influence is essential.


I’m a person you can rely on. I’m the business partner that will keep your data safe. Trust is a prerequisite for my business.


I love quality and getting  things done. I don’t settle for mediocre results. We will achieve the best possible outcome working together.

*a service-based business, is considered to be one that sells services and/or digital information products online.

How it works

My Approach

The method is simple. Customer obsession rather than competitor focus. Systems and automation, along with optimization and points of reward in several touch points, so that we create amazing customer experiences.


Win Win Win

The goal is to create amazing experiences for all. You, us and the end user/customer along their journey.


Ethical Influence

I help businesses and professionals whose offers and services make the world a better place. No catch, no tricks, no gimmicks.

Want to be a strategic partner?

If we share the same values, if you have similar perspective and if you feel you want to join forces, please go ahead and use the contact form to send a message.

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