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How it Works

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Here’s what we offer.

CX Strategy

If customer experience (CX) refers to all of  the interactions a customer has with a business, along her journey from awareness to a sale, the customer experience strategy illustrates the actionable plans and the actions needed to deliver a great, memorable experience across al of those those interactions.

CX Action Plan

We sit down together and we create your CX action plan for the year ahead. As we are focused on the long-term we will also create a three year action plan to be reviewed at the end of every year. This will be your game plan with step by step, easy to follow key actions. Yes, we’ll be supporting you along the way.  

KPI's and Success Metrics

  • Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Net Promoter Score® (NPS)
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
  • Time To Resolution (TTR)
  • Our Custom Metrics and KPI’s

Hands On Optimization

If your current website runs on WordPress, then we can do the work with you or for you. This is a limited service and it is only offered only after a customer has gone through a Strategy and/or Action Plan sessions.

Other Services


Website Development

We create websites for service based businesses. A website redesign is also included in this service.



Search Engine Optimization services for service based businesses. We help local businesses too.


Custom Checkout

Tailor made well optimized checkout pages and well executed funnels in alignment with our values.

Our services

Tailor Made Customer Experiences

What we preach is what we actually do. We offer tailor made services crafted especially for you and your needs. We will uncover them and discuss them on our first discovery call. 

Mutual Trust
Drives Excellent Results

When we work together, we use the best tools available.




Cloud Based



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